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Squamish BC Mountain Biking Trail Systems - Dunbar Cycles

The Mountain Biking Capital of Canada
Squamish mountain biking serves up more than 200 kilometers of singletrack to satisfy every skill level, from gentle cruises in the estuary to hairball downhill descents on Diamond Head. Mountain Bike Magazine rates Squamish as one of "the top 25 wildest and most exotic places to ride in the world." Diamond Head’s vehicle access offers pay dirt for big bike shuttles. The Crumpit Woods and Valleycliffe areas offer expansive networks of singletrack trails that take cross-country riders through the stream beds, woodlands and granite features of Squamish's West Coast forest. The gradual slopes, original rail track and occasional technical descents of Alice Lake’s cross-country bike trails are perfect for first- timers, while the Squamish Valley’s dyke trails allow a scenic cruise for slow cyclists . A four-season feast for all abilities.


FULL NELSON Intermediate 5 - 15 min 700m
ENTRAILS Difficult 20 - 40 min 1.5 km
HOODS IN WOODS Intermediate 30 min 1.7 km
WONDERLAND Intermediate 15 - 30 min 3 km
SOMEWHERE OVER THERE Difficult 15 - 35 min 1.8 km
RUPERT Difficult 10 - 20 min 1 km
JACK'S TRAIL Easy 20 - 40 min 2.1 km
50 SHADES OF GREEN Intermediate 30 min 1.2 km
PSEUDO-TSUGA Intermediate 10 - 20 min 1.8 km
ANGRY MIDGET Difficult 8 - 15 min 1.2 km
HALF NELSON Easy 10 - 15 min 2 km


1. WONDERLAND TRAIL - For most local riders, Wonderland is simply a means to an end. It’s a quick, very easy single track trail that allows you to get from one riding area to another. But for the little shredders, like my nine-year-old son, it’s the best thing ever. Wonderland is perfect for introducing little riders to the concept of climbing. The whole trail, taken in a South-North direction, is slightly uphill so they can get a feel, without too much effort, for climbing on their bikes. But the best part? Wonderland is an out and back, so once the climb is done, they get to rip down as fast as their courage will take them. It’s a family favourite, and every time we ride it, I have as much fun as my son.


2. ENTRAILS - Combine a long time technical trail with two newer ones. Entrails is challenging in every way, from it’s punishing little climbs to its multiple, technical moves throughout the long trail. It’s relentless at times, but not that long and tends to generate grins of satisfaction, especially after being ridden in the wet (it gets slippery!). After, there are loads of options, but I tend to err on the side of epic with Boney Elbows, a newer Squamish tech trail to Hueso. Both offer up steep rock rides, technical descending and the odd climb thrown in to keep you honest.


3. CROUCHING SQUIRREL - HIDDEN MONKEY - Located off Debeck’s Hill, beside Alice Lake, is an old school Squamish classic. Crouching has a little bit of everything for the hard-core enduro rider in you. It begins with some low angle, rip roaring fast singletrack and then transitions into one of the more fun and technical single black trails in Squamish. It’s got technical rock slabs, lots of roots and rocks, some bridges, ladders and finishes with a tough rock move that’s worth looking at on your first lap. Crouching is an awesome trail that gives the rider a real sense of true all mountain trail riding.


4. FULL NELSON - Bring your big bike and your shuttle vehicle. This is the Squamish version of a bike park trail. Lots of airtime, lots of berms and fast corners, Full Nelson was built for your Downhill Rig. Finish it with the last part of Half Nelson. As an added bonus, shuttle Cakewalk while you’re at it and get a little technical downhill into your flow day. And yes, more than one lap is definitely in order.


5. HALF NELSON FOOL'S GOLD - This is the ultimate Squamish trail sampler, with all the ingredients for an epic ride. Start your ride with a climb up the Legacy Trail to the lower end of Half Nelson, a Squamish classic. Flow your way down what is called Squamish’s downhill pumptrack to the Garibaldi Park Road. Cross said road, and pin it down Fool’s Gold, a recently re-worked, mini masterpiece of small jumps, tight corners and buff singletrack. Then it’s a short climb up the Ring Creek Rip, over to pH then down for the climb up to Hoods. Hoods in the Woods is a super fun trail and a local’s favourite. Riddled with short climbs, technical sections, steep rocks and fast, flowy singletrack, it’s what Squamish riding is all about.


Trails, Images & Video Courtesy of Tourism Squamish